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Top 5 Reasons to Get a Breakdown Cover Policy

A breakdown cover policy is not only getting more popular and accessible, but more affordable as well. You now have more options when it comes to breakdown cover, plus you can choose from the service offers of more providers today. You can even get better deals and compare them to find the right breakdown cover policy to buy.

Before getting into how to best choose a good breakdown cover policy, however, it is necessary to understand why one is needed in the first place. There are several reasons why getting a breakdown cover policy is a worthy investment to make, and we are going to review them in this article.

1. Stay Protected Whenever You Drive

The traditional breakdown cover policy protects your car, allowing you to get the help you need should you run into car issues when trying to get somewhere. Today, however, breakdown cover is also available for the driver.

When you buy a policy that protects you as the driver rather than a specific car, you enjoy the same breakdown coverage no matter what car you drive. You can be driving a company car or your second car and still be able to call roadside assistance at any time.

The personal coverage offered by today’s best breakdown cover policies also make getting the necessary coverage more affordable when you have more than one car in your possession. You no longer have to insure every car, which means you can save a lot of money without losing protection.

2. Extra Peace of Mind

Another reason why getting a breakdown cover is a worthy investment is the extra peace of mind the policy brings. There are instances where getting the right car insurance and having the breakdown cover in force save you a lot of pain and trouble.

In the case of a premium or comprehensive breakdown cover, for example, you also get onward travel coverage with the policy. This means you can return home safely or choose to continue your journey even after running into car problems.

The basic coverage alone means you can stop worrying about getting stuck for hours on the side of the road because your car breaks down. All you need to do is pick up the phone and have an experienced mechanic repair the car or take it to the nearest garage.

3. It’s Affordable

There is also the fact that breakdown cover is more affordable than ever. Some car insurance plans include breakdown coverage at the very basic level, but you need to double-check to make sure you have the coverage in force. Standalone plans are equally easy and affordable to get.
More car owners also shift to premium breakdown cover and insurance plans because of the increasing affordability. You spend a bit more for the policy, but you get so many additional services and coverage in return.

The improved affordability is the result of a competitive insurance market. Service providers and insurance companies are competing for your business. Don’t be surprised to see special offers, additional discounts, and even fully customized quotes now just a couple of clicks away.

4. You Can Search for One Online

Speaking of quotes and special offers just a couple of clicks away, shopping for a good breakdown cover policy isn’t as difficult as you think. There are online tools and additional resources you can now use to get quotes from multiple service providers. You can even customize your search and add parameters based on your specific needs.

Shopping for the most suitable breakdown cover policy also brings added benefits. For starters, there are a lot of deals and discounts designed for online customers. The quotes you get are relatively better and you don’t have to spend as much time to get them. On top of that, you also have the ability to customize the coverage plan and add add-ons to it. You should also make sure you read as many reviews as possible such as this review of RAC breakdown cover which contains all the information you need before choosing a policy.

That brings us to our last reason in this list, which is….

5. Extra Flexibility

Add-ons give you more freedom to craft a breakdown cover policy that suits you perfectly. Rather than sticking with premade plans and paying for services you don’t need – or not getting the services you want – you can now use add-ons to fine-tune the coverage you pay for.

For example, you can choose to add a one-time European cover or one that extends for as long as 90 days if you are driving to the EU. You can also add onward travel cover to the basic or premium breakdown cover policy as you see fit. Other add-ons such as Home Assistance are just as handy to have.

There are many reasons why getting a breakdown cover policy is an investment worth considering, including the ones we discussed in this article. You can get a lot of benefits from the coverage and all you need to do to enjoy those benefits is find the right breakdown cover to get.

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